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Brazilian Lemonade

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The title of this post is a little misleading as there were no lemons involved, but apparently "lemon" and "lime" are the same word in Brazil, limao. So much credit goes to my baby (not so much a baby anymore as he's nearly 21) brother, Andrew, for this recipe and its photos! When I called ...

Rainbow Breakfast Sandwich

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I have radishes coming out of my ears! They are always so beautiful and abundant at the market that I can't help myself and I end up pulling a bunch or two just to come home and realize that I have no real idea what to do with them. I hate the idea of waste ...

Fusion Breakfast: Adobo Sausage and Grits

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My friend Angelo recently alerted me to a certain breakfasty type of recipe and it BLEW MY MIND. I hadn't realized that it had been 6 whole years since I had even seen the guy and our last bit of communication (as documented by Facebook messenger) went exactly like this "FUCKING A ANGELO, PLEASE TAKE OFF ...

Japanese Curry

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I desperately called into the endless friend void that is Facebook and someone answered. Ahh, Dean, although you didn't help me at all (you ended up not having to since I figured out the reason my website wasn't working was due mainly to user error...more specifically the user writing this now) your willing response alone ...

Lemon Nectarine Cooler with Honey Lavender Simple Syrup

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Last night was blissful. It was a cool 65 degrees and my freshly powdered thighs, armpits, and underboob(s) could not have been happier. The weather (I know this is probably getting old for anyone not living in Seattle) has been comparable to the heat coming off of the devil's undercarriage. It's humid, it's hot, and ...

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