Breakfast Steamed Buns

I’m pregnant. I know I know, this is something I mention in almost every post I’ve written in the last few months, but could you really blame me, there’s a lot going on with my mind and body and here I am, 7 months in, still trying to process the weight of that statement. This morning I woke up with the weirdest craving, I wanted both dim sum and breakfast. Why aren’t there any dim sum places open and running at 8am!? I can’t be the only pregnant woman with odd cravings in the early hours of the day when my body wakes itself with a thought so strong that I’d stop at nothing to help those desires manifest.


As I lay in bed digesting my iron pill and starving myself for the next hour I contemplated the ingredients in my kitchen in order to pull off both breakfast and dim sum. I wanted eggs and bacon and hash browns and biscuits and delicious steamed rolls and cheese…so much cheese and I wanted all of it smothered in maple syrup! So I decided to make steamed buns filled with all of the goodness I just mentioned and since I was too lazy to make the dough myself, I broke out the can of biscuits I’d been hiding in the back of the fridge in case of an emergency and rolled those suckers out so that they could be pockets for the most delicious breakfast filling I could concoct!

Is that cheating? My ancestors would be disappointed to know that I used canned biscuit dough to make steamed buns…or maybe they’d be taken by my ingenuity.



3 large eggs scrambled

1 c cooked frozen hash browns

2 strips cooked thick cut bacon

1/3 c cheese (I used mozzarella)

1 large green onion stalk

1 can Pillsbury Grands (or any canned biscuit)


Prep: Pop open can of biscuits and flatten out each individual puck by hand. You can also use a dusting of flour and a rolling pin, but the biscuits are really surprisingly malleable. In a large pot, bring about 5 cups of water to a boil, spray steamer basket with non stick spray. In medium size bowl,  toss hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and onion together until fully incorporated. Using a table spoon, scoop prepared mix into flattened biscuit dough, cradle the contents and simply pinch the ends closed. Place pockets in steamer basket (should be able to fit about 6) then place basket in pot over boiling water for approximately 8 minutes. Remove buns from basket and enjoy with a side of maple syrup!