Jane’s Flank Steak

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Anthony Bourdain will occasionally ask those great chefs he interviews what their last meal would be. The answers have ranged from “truffles on errrthang” (I’m paraphrasing) to, simply, plain white rice and miso soup. I recently stumbled upon that same revelation myself recently when I went to visit the mister’s family in Ohio and I sampled his mother’s flank steak recipe. It was TO DIE FOR. Not to mention it was grilled and eaten with some wonderfully entertaining people on 3+ acres of gorgeous fertile land and followed by the most beautiful firefly display (the ONLY firefly display) I’ve ever seen.

By the time the mister and I left Ohio and trekked back to Seattle I was overwhelmed with all of the love, support, and delicious food I had been stuffed with and our little apartment, although home, felt a little empty. Thankfully, I came back bearing ¬†gifts including (but definitely not limited to) Jane’s Flank Steak Recipe.



Jane’s Flank Steak Recipe

2 flank steaks scored

1/2 c soy sauce

2 T brown sugar

2 1/2 T lemon juice

1 t ground ginger

2 cloves garlic (minced)

-Marinate scored steaks in plastic bag for 4 hours or over night. Keep turning. Broil or grill.

*Note: I used a cast iron grill, once my flank steaks reached room temperature I put them on for about 9 minutes to each side. It was a little more done than I would typically like, but I am pregnant and apparently should be avoiding big bloody heaps of meat. Also, I opted to marinate the steaks overnight and turned them over only once. Scoring the meat makes all of the difference! Little pieces of minced garlic found their way into the grooves of the meat and caramelized into crunchy bits of bliss.


Mmmmm, you got a purdy mouth


The mister and I thoroughly enjoyed this delectable flank, we basically plowed through the entire 2 pounds of it before images of Hank Hill’s colon began to dance before my eyes. If I were you I’d serve this with a vegetable side, at least toss a piece of lettuce onto the plate because it’s waaaaaaaay too easy to scarf down this perfectly charred beef hunk. I ended up slicing up tomatoes and cucumbers, sprinkling a little salt and pepper on them and serving them up as is. Also, a smattering of scallions atop the steak doesn’t hurt either and I feel like that counts as at least 1/2 of a vegetable serving!