Southern Sausage Gravy

My grandma lives in Oklahoma, I live in Seattle and between us there are over 2000 miles so waking up in the middle of the night craving her biscuits and gravy is a solemn reminder of the physical distance between us. Also, calling her at 2 in the morning to get her recipe is probably not the best thing to do and so I had no choice but to consult the internet for a decent breakdown of a breakfast food I’ve not had in YEARS. As it turns out, making sausage gravy is REALLY EASY: it requires minimal ingredients and almost no skill. If you’re feeling ambitious I advise you make the biscuits from scratch, that way you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something in the day.



1/2 lb breakfast sausage

2 tbs flour

1 c milk



Prep: In a medium sized skillet break up and brown breakfast sausage. Without draining any of the fat, stir in flour. Cook on medium heat about 2 minutes. Add salt and pepper (to taste, I added about 1/3 tsp salt and about the same amount of pepper). Whisk in milk and keep contents moving until desired thickness. Serve over biscuits with a few bits of chive or green onion!